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Corporate Profile

Corporate nameKuraray Plastics Co., Ltd.
Headquarters39F, Umeda Hankyu Building Office Tower8-1,
Kakuda-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka, Japan 530-8611
TEL / FAXTel: +81-6-7635-1500 (main switchboard)
Fax: +81-6-7635-1528
PresidentMr. Masanari Uno
First establishmentMarch 21, 1905
Establishment of
the present company
January 15, 1934
Capital180 million yen (as of the end of March 2013)
OfficesTokyo, Nagoya, Fukuoka
PlantsIbuki (Gifu)
BusinessesThe manufacturing and sales, rubber and plastic hoses,
film and laminates,
EARNESTON®™ compound


1905Mr. Kinjiro Abe established “Kakuichi Rubber Factory”
in Osaka as a personal business
1934Changed a company name to “Kakuichi Rubber Co., Ltd.”
1943Capital participation by Kuraray
1965Changed a company name to “Kuraray Plastics Co., Ltd.”
1966Moved a factory to Gifu prefecture from Osaka
1999“Septon Compound Business”was transferred from Kuraray
2000Acquired ISO 9001 certification
2003Acquired ISO 14001 certification
2005100th anniversary
2009Established evaluation facilities for
ventilation-air conditioning ducts
(Equipped with Dual-compartment environmental room)
2010105th anniversary


Plastic HosesKuraray Plastics’ mainstay products comprise a wide variety of plastic hoses. Offering superior workability thanks to their light weight and pliability, these products are to be found in a wide range of industrial fields. In particular, “Kuraray Loop Hose”, the flexibility of which lends itself to a wide range of applications; “Banner”, which was developed using rubber-plastic compound technologies; and “Lay-flat hose”, which was developed using a proprietary manufacturing process and has applications in the civil engineering, irrigation, and agricultural industries, are among the Company’s flagship products and continue to establish a strong presence in their respective markets. As an “Eco Promotion Company,” Kuraray Plastic has also in recent years actively pursued measures in response to environmental issues. The “Clean Flex” series, which uses various types of eco-friendly elastomers, is one example with innovative applications in new fields including the food, nuclear power and medical industries.
Kuradrain ;
Conduit Tubes for Drainage Pavements
“Drainage pavement” roadway was created to increase driving safety during heavy rain with the added aim of suppressing noise. The “Kuradrain” series of conduit tubes efficiently disposes of standing rainwater into street paving and serves to tap the full potential of “drainage pavement.” In addition to environmentally friendly products made entirely from recycled PET bottles, Kuraray Plastics boasts a full lineup of conduit tubes. Regardless of type, products have been developed with an emphasis on “enhancing work efficiency,” and are being acclaimed for their superior plasticity and straight and simple installation that leaves behind no core set during road construction work. The “Kuradrain” series can be recommended with confidence as an indispensable product used in pavement drainage.
Rubber Products Since Kuraray Plastics was founded it has undertaken the development and manufacture of industrial rubber products and constantly pursued new capabilities in rubber processing techniques. Based on its accumulated know-how, Kuraray Plastics manufactures and markets a wide variety of hoses, extruded and molded products for industrial uses, rice chaff grinding rolls as well as rubber rolls for OA equipment. As its proprietary production system, Kuraray Plastics recently developed continuous vulcanization equipment that operates at normal air pressure, offers high productivity and promises superior dimensional accuracy. With these rubber-processing technologies, Kuraray Plastics is actively expanding into high-tech markets.
Tarpaulins and Laminated ProductsUtilizing its multilayered, heat-laminator with embossing calendar, Kuraray Plastics is producing a large number of products and expanding applications. In the industrial materials field, a wide variety of needs are catered for, such as general purpose sheets, storage coverings, flexible containers, materials for backlit sign, pool domes, the accordion-shape bellows between railway carriages, awnings, tents, partition sheeting, construction curing sheets, soundproof sheeting, portable water tanks, as well as waterproof sheeting for coats and aprons used in the fishing industry. As the size of materials used in advertising has recently grown, a new range of digitization-compatible printing media used on inkjet printers was added. In the interior design field, besides sheeting for accordion-style curtains and blinds, the market for video projector screen sheets for high definition-related products is attracting widespread attention. From a global environment point of view, great efforts have recently been made to develop highly functional, differentiated products, such as sheeting that acts as a heat shield, and to upgrade and expand the range of environmentally friendly products.
EARNESTON™ Compound“EARNESTON™” is high performance thermoplastic elastomer compound with various kind of elastomers, led by styrenic block copolymers, and manufactured by KURARAY PLASTICS based on our polymer production technology and processing technology that has been accumulated over the years. Various kinds of goods can be made with “EARNESTON™” using conventional molding methods for thermoplastic resins (e.g. injection molding, extrusion and blow molding) without complicated vulcanizing process. It is possible to replace vulcanized rubber in the various fields, for example industrial parts, sports goods, medical goods, and so on. Moreover, “EARNESTON™” ’s scrap can be reprocessed without loss of mechanical properties. Therefore, it will be helpful to reduction in total costs.


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